What different types of plats are there within the Town of Argyle and when is each type required?

A Preliminary Plat is required on all unplatted tracts:

- that are larger than ten acres, or

- that do not conform with tract dimensions shown on Denton Central Appraisal District Maps, or

- the development of which involves dedication or construction of streets, drainage ways, or utilities.

A preliminary plat allows staff and the Planning and Zoning Commission to review the overall layout of the lots and street pattern for the subdivision to ensure that the proposed layout complies with all applicable town requirements. In most cases, a preliminary plat is required for the subdivision of land for the purpose of single-family development.

A Major Subdivision Final Plat involves the creation of new streets, the extension of municipal facilities or the creation or more than four lots. Major subdivision plat may be applicable for residential and non-residential properties. The procedure for approving a major subdivision plat requires an approved preliminary plat.

A Minor Subdivision Plat is a final plat that creates no more than four lots and does not require the creation of a new street or a major extension of municipal facilities. A preliminary plat is not required prior to preparation of a minor subdivision plat. Minor subdivision plats may be approved for residential and nonresidential properties.

An Amending Plat can be filed to correct an error in the real property description on part of all of an officially recorded plat.

A Replat replaces part or all of an officially recorded final plat.

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