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Argyle Strategic Plan Input

  1. Input on Argyle Strategic Plan

    In March 2019, the Town Council authorized staff to initiate a strategic planning process with consultant JDGray Group. A steering committee consisting of representatives from Town Council, the Argyle Economic Development Corporation (EDC), and citizens of Argyle worked to develop the Strategic Plan and Execution Guide. The final draft of the Strategic Plan will be presented to the EDC on August 12, 2020 and Town Council on August 17, 2020 for consideration. Please take a moment to review the final draft of the Strategic Plan. Then, share your input with us using the form below!

  2. About You

  3. Vision Statement (Adopted in 2018)

    The Town of Argyle is committed to preserving our small town character and natural beauty through thoughtful growth, stewardship of resources, and a citizen-focused government.

  4. Guiding Principles (Adopted in 2018)

    Sense of Community; Preservation; Citizen-Focused Government; Responsible Development; Academic Excellence

  5. Strategic Focus Areas

    The steering committee identified five Strategic Focus Areas to build upon the Vision Statement and Guiding Principles. The Strategic Focus Areas include: Preserve Small Town Character, Preserve Natural Beauty, Thoughtful Growth, Stewardship of Resources, and Citizen-Focused Government.

  6. Please share your input on the Strategic Focus Areas.

  7. Strategic Objectives

    The steering committee developed two to three objectives for each Strategic Focus Area (see final draft document for list of objectives).

  8. Please share your input on the Strategic Objectives.

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