2022/2023 Road Improvement Projects


Stretching from FM 407 North to the Flower Mound City Limits near Canyon Falls, this 1.75 mile project will reconstruct the base and paved surface of Stonecrest Road. DDM has reconstructed Stonecrest from an asphalt road to a Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete Road. We appreciate your patience and partnership in safety for the improvements to the road.


Hickory Hill Road, stretching from Walnut St (just east of Townhall) to N. Gibbons (Town Limits), and C. Taylor Road, stretching from Old Justin to the recently renovated Crawford Road.  DDM has reconstructed both roads from asphalt road to a reinforced portland cement concrete roads. We appreciate your patience and partnership in safety for the improvements to the road.
Phase Appearance Likely Concerns
Milling/ Removal The old asphalt road is being shaved off in part or whole Expect Short delays coming and going as the milling machine and trucks are staged and as they pass (expect a 5-15 min delay).
Base Stabilization The area of former road has been stripped  and a slurry material is spread on the ground. Crews will wait till after the morning school rush, but watch for when you need to pick up children.  Expect a 1-3 hour delay when they are working your section.
Paving Steel rods are lifted off the ground with plastic holders and wood is formed up along the sides of the rebar Expect a 5-20 minute delays while trucks are off loading and washing out. We will try to give you a heads up on days they pave.
Edge Dressing The sides of the pavement is covered by soil and sediment in preparation for traffic flow Watch for crews going in and out as well as moving material along the road.  Please do not try to drive in the lane.
Driveways Your driveway will not be removed, but the pavement in front of it may be removed, or rather looks to be skipped.  You may receive a flyer on your door or gate. Talk with PW or the Contractor about where to park and what constraints you may have (ideally we want you to reach out earlier than now). The more you are able to help us understand what you need, the better we can accomodate.
Traffic Shift One lane of paving is complete.  Pavement is being backfilled, driveways addressed.  The contractor is working to resolve Edge Dressing and Driveways as much as they can before the shift. Occasional delays for access control and material delivery.  If the old pavement is getting rough, then please let us know.
Touchups When the road is opened to two way traffic and there appears to be some loose ends that need to be buttoned up. Crews may intermittently close the road or flag traffic.  Delays would mostly occur 8am to 4pm and the road open in the late afternoon and early morning.

Project Meeting Presentations