Financial Oversight Committee

The Financial Oversight Committee (FOC) was established by Town Council Resolution 2020-39 on December 7, 2020.

The Town has a substantial interest in the proper management and oversight of the Town's financial resources.  The FOC is charged to provide assistance to the Town Council and staff by making recommendations to aid in the proper management and oversight of the Town's financial resources.  The FOC shall participate in the process of auditing Town funds and other entities for which the Town may have responsibilities by statute or contract. In addition, for long term planning purposes, the FOC shall assist in developing future Town revenue projections; shall explore alternative methods of financing projects that are in the best interest of the Town; and at the Town Council's direction, the FOC shall provide other advice related to Town finances that will aid the Town Council and staff in promoting the Town's economic growth and well-being.

Town Council increased the number of members of the FOC by approval of Resolution 2021-49 on September 7, 2021 to allow a minimum of five members and not to exceed seven members.   

Members shall serve a two-year term and there will be at least two serving councilmembers on the committee.  

Current Members of the Financial Oversight Committee are:

Ronald Schmidt, Councilmember, Place 1/Committee Chair (10/2023)

Rick Bradford, Mayor Pro Tem/Councilmember, Place 2 (10/2024)

Cindy Sheddy, Citizen, Place 3 (10/2023)

Martin Brading, Citizen, Place 4 (10/2024)

Nickolas Moes, Citizen, Place 5 (10/2023)

Savannah Davis, Citizen, Place 6 (10/2024)

James Tarallo, Citizen, Place 7 (10/2023), Vice-Chair 

Meetings will be held as called on the 2nd Wednesday of each month(posted at least 72 hours prior to meeting date and time) at 6 pm at the Argyle Town Hall, 308 Denton Street E., Argyle, Texas 76226.  For more information contact the Town Secretary by telephone call to 940-464-7273.