When is platting required?

Platting is required for any division of land into two or more parcels or development on one or more contiguous parcels not previously platted, or for development that involves the construction of any public improvements to be dedicated to the Town.

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1. What is a plat?
2. When is platting required?
3. What different types of plats are there within the Town of Argyle and when is each type required?
4. Can I obtain a building permit for a property that is not platted?
5. I found out that I need to plat or replat my property, do I need to hire a professional to prepare the plat or is it something that I can do myself?
6. How do I apply to have a plat approved?
7. What happens after I submit a plat application?
8. After the plat is approved how long do I have to file before it becomes invalid?