Land Use Chart Updates

In the summer of 2018, the Town began the process of updating the Town of Argyle Land Use Charts and Zoning Districts within the Town Development Standards (TDS).  After a Joint Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) meeting on June 5, 2018, a small committee consisting of two (2) Commissioners (Commissioners Wayne Holt and Leona McDade) and Town staff members, began evaluating all land uses and zoning districts in the Town of Argyle. The recommendations of the committee were shared with the P&Z at their November 13, 2018 meeting and were forwarded to the Town Council with a recommendation for approval (excluding the Form Based Code land use chart) on December 4, 2018. On December 11, 2018, the Town Council tabled the review of the draft amendments to their next meeting on January 22, 2019, where the Town Council is expected to consider the final draft amendments for approval.

Draft documents throughout this process are posted below.  Please note that the draft amendments with P&Z recommendations were handed to the Town Council members at their December 11, 2018, and are located at the end of the TC 1st Review Meeting Packet file below. Draft amendments to TDS definitions per P&Z recommendations are still under legal review and have not been added to this webpage as of December 11, 2018.

Land Use Chart Update Draft Documents