Vision Statement


The Town of Argyle is committed to preserving our small town character and natural beauty through thoughtful growth, stewardship of resources, and a citizen focused government.


Sense of Community

Argyle provides a small town lifestyle that fosters community connections.  We place a strong emphasis on family, safety, and activities that instill hometown pride.


We will preserve our natural beauty and resources including tree canopies, watersheds, creeks, open spaces, topography, air and water quality, animal wildlife, along with our charming small town heritage.

Citizen Focused Government

Our town government is based on integrity, transparency, and accountability to the citizens of Argyle.  We value the voice of our citizens and encourage open participation and communication.

Responsible Development

We are committed to preserving our small town atmosphere, while encouraging vital business growth and economic prosperity in order to maintain and improve our infrastructure.  Developers will adhere to our ordinances, respect our Vision and Guiding Principles, and the input of our citizens.

Academic Excellence

Argyle supports and encourages high quality student focused education at all levels both public and private.