Public Works

The Public Works Department manages and directs the policies, programs, and activities of several associated divisions, having a mission to provide quality service, effective street and infrastructure maintenance, adequate and safe transportation, and promote safety given the Town's available resources. In order to accomplish the department's mission, the employees remain committed to efficient, safe, responsive, and courteous service at all times.

The Public Works Department performs some of the most visible functions in Town government, typical services provided include:
  • Street repair
  • Sewer line cleaning and lift station maintenance
  • Roadside ditch maintenance
  • Street sign repair/replacement
  • Utility line locates
  • Construction inspection
  • Codes enforcement
  • On-Site sewage facilities compliance
  • Parks maintenance
  • Buildings and grounds maintenance

Code Enforcement Services

In an effort to prevent neighborhood decline, maintain an attractive community and improve the quality of life, Town Ordinances and related enforcement procedures exist and can be found in the Town's Code of Ordinances. The Code Enforcement Officer monitors code compliance and is authorized, if necessary, to pursue criminal and civil remedies to abate nuisances within the Town of Argyle for the purpose of maintaining safe, sanitary conditions and a neat appearance pursuant to the Town Codes. These codes include signage, high weeds and grass, junk or dilapidated vehicles, debris, and unsafe structures. It is the intent of Code Enforcement to work with the residents of Argyle and take proactive measures to remedy any and all violations, including assisting with residential and commercial compliance efforts.

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division is responsible for the Town's On-Site Sewage Facilities permitting, inspections and tracking of aerobic system maintenance contract renewals. Environmental Services also manages the Town's Annual spring cleanup day and household hazardous waste collection programs.

Permit Applications