Development & Platting Fees

Development Fees

Comprehensive plan change request $1,000
Deannexation fees (state law) $500 plus additional expenses incurred. All fees due and payable prior to final annexation or deannexation approval
Floodplain development permit 100% of professional fees
Master development plan review $2,500 plus all professional fees
Planning and zoning variance request (each) $350
Site plan amendment (minor) $500
Site plan or concept plan review $1,000
Specific use permit (SUP), oil and gas well $750
Specific use permit (SUP), temporary $100
Specific use permit (SUP), zoning $500 + $5 per acre
Subsequent review fees 50% of the original fee
 Zoning Board of Adjustment fee  $750.00
Zoning change and review $1,000
Zoning overlay district, planned development $1,000 + $20 per acre
Zoning verification letter $50

Platting Fees

Denton County filing fees Actual cost to be invoiced to the applicant
Final minor plat and replats, all types:
  • Initial submittal
  • Subsequent review fees

  • $1,000 plus all professional fees
  • 50% of original fee plus all professional fees
Final plat, major with infrastructure $2,500 plus all professional fees
Plat amendment review fee $400
Plat vacating review fee $400
Preliminary plat $2,500 plus all professional fees
Sketch plat $250
Subdivider’s or developer’s agreement $500 plus all professional fees